Why choose Offsite?

To avoid the risks and costs associated with traditional methods, such as:

  • Traditional methods are not scalable: 100% manual time-consuming installation, requiring scarce and expensive trade skills
  • Traditional methods are not repeatable: installations are too often made-to-fit; layouts are not optimised through design
  • Traditional methods are not warrantied: non-optimised layouts often use materials and components of different types from multiple suppliers

Who MEP4 Offsite can help


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Our Products and Services

We offer bespoke-designed, tested sub-assemblies for the plumbing and ventilation packages, for the rapidly developing market of factory-built homes (or modules), delivered lineside to the factory, or directly to site, just-in-time.

We use the latest CAD software and computer-aided manufacturing, to ensure that our assemblies are accurately reproduced at scale.

We endeavour to keep our solutions simple, but tailor-made and smart, to enable maximum productivity gains for our customers.

We summarise this proposition as: Engineered MEP solutions for modern methods of construction.


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