Case Studies

Case Study 1: Full M&E packages for multiple townhouses

  • We manufactured a full suite of assemblies, all designed against the structural model, such that clashes could be detected and eliminated. Routings were optimised digitally to the component level, with precise dimensions of the frames and pipe lengths calculated for manufacture and assembly.
  • As soon as the designs were approved by the client, the digital drawings were released to the shopfloor, and used to generate the code for the CNC machines. In this way, each kit and assembly is a “physical twin” of the digital model, ensuring traceability but also repeatable quality at no extra cost.

“MEP4 Offsite made a real difference in helping us move from design to the manufacturing stage by utilising clash detection, 3D Modelling techniques and their knowledge of installation of plumbing, ventilation and drainage services.” John Farrelly, Mechanical Director, ModPods International

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Case Study 2: Design optimisation of plumbing and drainage packages for modular

  • For Collida, we completed two different designs: one traditional with usual quantities of plumbing fittings; and one with an optimised “single-piped” manifold system, suitable for modular.

  • Designs were fully coordinated across all disciplines: structure, ventilation, fire safety systems and MEP, to Passive Haus Plus standard, whilst ensuring full BIM compliance to ISO19650.

“Very pleased to have MEP4 Offsite with us on this project. They helped us massively with the design coordination of the services, and they delivered exactly what was designed. The assemblies went in first time, in a fraction of the time.” Nick Preedy, Head of Manufacture & Assembly, Collida


Case Study 3: Pre-assembled M&E packages for factory-built homes

  • We produced a full suite of sub-assemblies, covering all the plumbing and drainage packages for Ilke’s Standard and Refresh housetype ranges. These included a bespoke pre-plumbed back panel for the bathroom vanity unit. The vanity units themselves were produced by a separate supplier of bathroom furniture, called Routec.

  • Our trading relationship was direct with Ilke Homes. With the exception of the vanity panels, all our assemblies were delivered directly to the Ilke factory; but the route these vanity panels took was via Routec, who re-assembled these panels back into the bathroom furniture before being delivered to Ilke’s factory. As such, for these vanity assemblies, we collaborated with Ilke’s supply partner to provide a solution that was not only fit for purpose as a full end-to-end MEP solution, but increased productivity and throughput for Ilke.

“Really pleased to have MEP4 Offsite as a strategic partner supplier to Ilke, sharing the same vision as us, to produce better homes for the future.” Dave Sheridan, Exec-Chair, Ilke Homes


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