About Us


Who we are

MEP4 Offsite are providers of: Engineered MEP solutions for the Offsite sector

What does MEP mean?

MEP used to be: Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health. Often understood today as: Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing



What we do

We create full end-to-end plumbing, drainage, ventilation and ducting solutions, including interconnecting pieces, pre-assembled, pre-tested and delivered directly to the production line (“lineside”) in the Offsite customer factory, in plot-ready kits.

Deploying modern methods of manufacturing, for modern methods of construction. Digital design allows for focus on interfaces and clash elimination, while revision control ensures our solutions are repeatable and scalable through CAD-CAM.


Our design & manufacturing process

Deploying the principles of 'digital twin' and CAD-CAM

The customer provides the Architectural General Arrangement Revit model


Any Mechanical and Electrical details are superimposed into the Revit model for review. The areas of possible opportunity can be isolated in the Revit model and assessed in detail


These opportunities are then reviewed, designed into specific deliverable sub-assemblies as the above, ready to issue for customer approval as a “digital twin”


This digital model generates manufacturing details automatically, from a parametric bill of materials, which in turn generates code for DXF files for our CNC machines


MEP4 Offsite is certified ISO 9001:2015 compliant, as audited by Bsi. Our certificate number is FM 791448 and is available here.

We continuously challenge ourselves to improve our processes and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Our demonstrable commitment to continuous improvement was commended by Bsi as part of our Quality Management System assessment.


History to MEP4 Offsite launch Jan 2022

  • Established as a separate business within Polypipe Group in 2019
  • Traded as Polypipe Offsite throughout the pandemic
  • Separated from Polypipe Group (now known as Genuit Group plc) in Jan-22 and taken into private ownership, retaining the same assets, processes and capabilities
  • … and we have continued to invest in development and growth since then

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If you are working on a scheme which could benefit from our support, we’d certainly like to hear from you